Import Canon XA10 to Mac

“Is there a converter work with Canon XA10? Currently my mac won’t even recognize the files from the camera. I use Mac mountain Lion 10.8, can you help me?”

“Nothing changed. Tried both cards. Tried copying the ACHD file over to reside on the computer’s hard drive. FCPX would not recognize the .mts files. I will use Express to finish this project as I can’t waiste any more time on this. It’s clear that FCPX isn’t going to work for me going forward. If you guys fix this program, let me know, but I’m heading to Adobe to purchase Premiere. Not that I want to send you a parting shot, but FCP 7 was a beautiful program – a flawless program. I can only hope that Apple fired the developers of X as it has done horrendous damage to your reputation.”

The XA10 Professional Camcorder allows users to record up to 24 hours of clear high definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or to two SDXC-compatible memory slots. With Relay Recording, the camcorder automatically switches video recording from the internal drive to the SD memory cards when the memory becomes full.

Follow the guide below you will know how to use professional AVCHD to Final Cut Pro X Converter for Mac to convert Canon XA10 AVCHD to Apple ProRes MOV on Mountain Lion 10.8, then you can import AVCHD from Canon XA10 to Final Cut Pro editing.

Canon XA10 to Mac Converter enables you to convert the AVCHD (.mts/.m2ts) video files to MOV, MP4, MPEG-2, M4V, DV, AVI, Apple ProRes 422 etc Mac applications and devices supported formats.

Guide to Convert Canon XA10 AVCHD to Mac

Step 1: Add Canon XA10 AVCHD to This Mac Program

After you install and run the Canon XA10 AVCHD Converter for Mac, you can click the “Add Video” button to import the Canon XA10 AVCHD files to the converter.

Step 2: Set output format and output path

Click the menu bar of “Profile” to set the output format as Mov-QuickTime (*.mov). After that, set the output path to save the converted file.

Step 3: Convert Canon XA10 AVCHD to Mac

When everything is done well, now you can easily click “Start” button to convert the Canon x10 AVCHD files. After the conversion, you can import the Canon XA AVCHD to FCP, iMovie, iTunes etc with ease.

You may have the need to import Canon XA10 AVCHD files into Final Cut Pro (X), iMovie or Avid Media Composer on Mac, but, as we know, the Final Cut Pro (X), iMovie and Avid Media Composer don’t support AVCHD format, so you can’t import and edit Canon XA10 AVCHD in FCP (X)/ iMovie/Avid Media Composer on Mac 10.8 directly.


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