Top 10 New Movies for Christmas 2012

Seven Psychopaths – stars Colin Farell who found himself involved in shih-tzu ‘dognapping’. Here he gets to meet a lot of unstable characters.

Great Expectations – base from the classic novel of Charles Dickens, the movie is one of the season movie releases and is expecting some great screen success.

Django Unchained – a film by Quentin Tarantino starring Jamie Foxx as the main character Django. Django is a slave who is an unlikely companion of a bounty hunter.

Life of PI – a movie about survival. The main character Pi Patel, a zookeeper son, fight to keep his entourage alive in a single boat in the middle of the ocean. It would have been easier if his companions are humans – but no, he has to keep assorted animals live (himself too) for him to tell a tale.

The Merry Graingers – is for a more fun and relaxing family afternoon movie marathon. This is a comedy film revolving around a family spending Christmas together. It shouldn’t be a strange setup only that they haven’t seen each other for seven years due to misunderstandings.

Rise of the Guardians – this is an ultimate kiddie Christmas movie. The villains expectedly creating havoc in a joyous season and the guardians, including St. Nick, raise arms to prevent chaos from reigning all over the earth.

Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist – this can be considered now as a classic fun family movie for Christmas. And although this might not be as good as the original film, its lead star Christian Martyn is cute enough to make the movie fun to watch.

Jack Reacher – another Tom Cruise movie with the hopes of reaching the success of his last year’s movie. This one is about a military man set to capture a deadly gunman who killed 5 innocent people in a seemingly random shooting case.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – set in a time before Lord of the Rings, the young Bilbo Baggins (younger than when he was in Lord of the Rings) who set out with Dwarves on a journey (very unhobbit-like practice) to reclaim Erebor, the lost Kingdom of Dwarves.

The most wonderful time – a movie about family and Christmas chaos.

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