How to Free Edit Encrypted PDF Files?

If you want to edit the encrypted PDF files, you will need to remove the passowrd and restriction of the pdf files first.

Recommend:PDF Password Remover Mac which can remove protected PDF password and restrictions on Mac os x with ease. Just two simple steps, Mac users can remove, unlock or crack password from encrypted PDF documents with high quality and fast speed. Then you can convert, edit, copy or print PDF files on Mac.


PDF Password Remover Online is, you guessed it, a free online PDF password remover. Just select a PDF file with an owner password, upload it, and wait a few seconds while the password is removed and the full set of PDF permissions are made available in a newly created PDF.

Method: PDF Password Remover Online is considered a password remover or cracker tool since no passwords are actually discovered.

Limits: PDF Password Remover Online works with PDF files up to version 1.7 level 8 with 128-bit AES encryption. The maximum PDF file size is 10 MB.

My Test: PDF Password Remover Online decrypted a small, version 1.6 PDF file with 128-bit RC4 encryption in just a few seconds, providing a new PDF for download with the password removed.


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