Best Sanyo Camcorder Review

Sanyo VPC-CG20 High Definition Camcorder & 10 MP Camera Best bang for the buck


* Excellent picture quality even under low light

* Good audio quality

* Smooth digital zoom

* Image stabilization works well when you shoot while on the move

* Good still-image quality (though it’s a certainly not a replacement for a good digital still camera)

* Rich in features

* Small size

* Good price


* Only one hour of battery life using the included 700mAh battery

* LCD screen doesn’t do well in bright light

* Not meant for people with large hands

Note: Sanyo Xacti video editor and video editor mac

Sanyo Xacti HD1010 4MP MPEG4 High Definition 1080i/1080p Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom Review

High quality HD camcorder


* very sharp high-definition picture quality with stunning HD playback even on large screen LCD TV

* Easy to use

* You can take still pictures while recording a video!

* Low light pictures still look okay

* So small it could fit in your pants

* Good build quality – sturdy

* External Mic and headphones ports


* Manual focus is crap

* The included holster is useless

* Uses digital image stabilizer instead of optical one


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